Community Events and Partnerships 2020

Eveline's 1st Birthday

We're so excited to be celebrating Eveline's 1st birthday, for anyone that doesn't know Eveline's story, here's a condensed version.

At 18 weeks gestation an ultrasound showed that Eveline's kidney's were slightly enlarged, at this point we just started watching every couple weeks, by 23 weeks, Eveline's kidneys were very large, her bladder was not able to empty and she had no amnotic fluid left. We were told the reality of Eveline's situation, we chose to trust God and do what we could to see our baby girl one day. However Eveline continued to grow and thrive even without fluid, then she decided to come unexpectedly at 34 weeks via emergency c-section. It took over 4 hours to get Eveline stable enough to move to the NICU, she could not breath on her own, had no kidney function and was on several medications to keep her body alive. We were told Eveline might not make the first 24 hours, but she did. She had surgery on day 3 for a dialysis catheter, on day 6 we started dialysis. She spent her next 3 months in intensive care, fighting for her life in more than one way every day. We were finally able to take her home at 4 months old, a day we didnt think we'd see. Eveline has had many ups and downs since then and many stays at the Children's Hospital, where she has been very blessed by the nurses, doctors, other professionals and the Children's Hospital Foundation. March 18th we have the honour of celebrating Eveline and her journey, she is a happy, smart little girl, she requires dialysis every night, and comes with many challenges but the world has been blessed by what God has done through her.

Since Eveline has been so blessed already, we're asking that any gifts you might have bought for Eveline go towards the Children's Hospital Foundation. There are lots of ways you can do this, by donating directly to the foundation from this page, donating at Eveline's party, or if you still prefer to purchase a gift, we will be donating all the toys Eveline receives to the foundation, these toys go to the kids that are in hospital for their birthdays, Christmas, or other special holidays. Eveline has received many special gifts from the foundation during our many stays in hospital.

We look forward to celebrating with you, we couldn't have made it through this last year without YOU, our family has been so blessed by everyone and we can't express our gratitude enough. Thank you for being a part of Eveline's journey!

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