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What are Dr. Goodbear Gifts?

Dr. Goodbear Gifts are a great way to honour someone with a truly unique gift. You can celebrate someone who has touched your life or purchase a gift to help the Children's Hospital and/or the Manitoba Institute of Child Health. These gifts support the on-going work of the Children's Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.

I made a purchase, but I never received my card or eTax receipt?

If you have not received your card or e-Tax receipt with in the allotted time, please contact the Foundation office at 204-787-4000.

How many gifts can I purchase?

Like going to a shopping mall, you can purchase as many gifts as you like.

When can I purchase a gift?

You can purchase a gift any time, 365 days a year for any occasion by visiting drgoodbeargifts.ca

I want to purchase a gift, where does my money go?

When a gift is purchased, the donation is made to one of the four priority areas it represents within the foundation: patient care, medical equipment, life-saving research, and infrastructure projects.

Gift Categories Area of support
Playful Healing Patient Care
Enhancing Equipment Medical Equipment
Gift of Hope for a Cure Research
Gift of Growth Infrastucture

All gifts are donations towards the highest priority needs of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. The items and services described in this catalogue are representative of many of our programs.

What happens if too many people purchase the same item?

In the event a particular item has been selling in high demand, the Children’s Hospital Foundation will redirect your donation to benefit where the demand is needed the most.

How can I notify the gift recipient that I have purchased a gift in their honour?

On your order form, you will have the option to send a personalized eCard to the gift recipient, or printout a PDF of the card to give to them personally. With the eCard option, you can write in their name and a personal message and even chose the date the card will send.

What kind of cards do I have to choose from?

Dr. Goodbear Gifts offer two kinds of cards:

eCards will be e-mailed directly to the recipient of the gift within 24 hours.

PDF cards that you can print from your home/office.

When the category comes up during your payment, please pick the best option that works for you.

Can I personalize the message?

You can write your own personalized message in any of the three card options you choose.

Can I use one card for multiple gifts?

Currently, each gift receives an individual card only which you can personalize and send.

Will I receive a tax receipt?

When you purchase a Dr. Goodbear Gift item, you are in fact donating to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba which makes you eligible for a tax receipt. If you make a one-time donation, you will receive a eTax receipt within 24 hours direct to your e-mail address that you provide when you check out. Please print out the eTax receipt and keep it for your files.

Why is giving my email address mandatory?

Providing your email address allows the Foundation to reduce our costs, eliminates tax-receipting errors and ensures that you get your eTax receipt within 24 hours. If you do not have an email address, please call 204-787-4000 and we will help you with your gift and mail out your receipt.

How secure is my information?

The Children’s Hospital Foundation has made sure that strong security guidelines are in place to protect this data, its use and release. Following government guidelines for privacy policy, The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba does not rent, trade or sell information with any outside organizations.

What is the mandate of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba?

The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba is dedicated to ensuring that every child treated at the Children’s Hospital HSC Winnipeg receives the best medical care possible.

The Mission of the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba is to be an independent agency whose purpose is to raise and distribute funds for the advancement of knowledge and care in the fields of child health research and, thereby, contribute to the improved health of children everywhere.

Established in 1971, the Children’s Hospital Foundation works to support the special healthcare needs of children through reliable and consistent funding of pediatric medical research, as well as equipment and programs at Children’s Hospital of Winnipeg.